Mike Perry Studio —
Wandering Around Wondering

A 3-month art experience with rotating gallery exhibitions, weekly workshops and art happenings. I worked closely with Mike Perry to source funding partners, develop programming, oversee intern staff, manage rotating gallery exhibitions and weekly art performances.

Role:            Production Director
Agency:      Mike Perry Studio
Year:            2012

The experience ran for three months in a converted 7,000 sqft warehouse in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Artist: Mike Perry
Architect: J Bell
Participating Artists: Andy Byers, Archie Lee Coates & Jeffrey Franklin, Josh Cochran, Dr. Me, Jim Datz, Dan Funderberg, Santtu Mustonen, Julia Pott, Homer Steinweiss, Michael Sclafani, Greyzone, Hospital Ships, Park Delicatessen, Moleskin, and the late Charles Bradley

Press: Sparrow Media | Hyperallergic

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