ALDO — ‘Get Ready to Love’
Fall 2019 Campaign

Shot in studio with Santiago & Mauricio, Get Ready to Love celebrates the feeling of joy that finding the perfect pair of shoes (among many perfect pairs) brings. Across a two-day shoot, we captured 6 short videos, 12 still life images, and 16 on-figure photos to deliver a cross-channel campaign deployed instore, online, and out-of-home.

Role:            Account Director & Executive Producer
Agency:      Studio Bonafide
Year:            2019

Shot April 2019 at Pier 59 Studios in Manhattan. Released August 2019.

Creative Director — Douglas Bensadoun
Strategy Director
— Eric Martinez
Senior Art Director
— Sandra Kang
Photographer & Director — Santiago & Mauricio
DoP — Matthew Shroeder
Models — Charlee Fraser, Danielle Lashley, Evan Mock
Stylist — Beth Fenton
Set Design — Andy Harman
Still Retouching — Studio RM
Editing & SFX — Tribehouse
Shoot Production — North Six

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